2020 Race Details:
The race will not be timed this year.

Remember Wren on August 1st!

You choose your socially responsible location, whether on the treadmill or in your neighborhood. Share your pictures on our Facebook page, Wren Sprague Memorial & Scholarship Fund. 

Wren Sprague Memorial & Scholarship Fund

Wren’s family founded the Wren Sprague Memorial & Scholarship Fund in 2011. Wren loved going for walks around her neighborhood in Hillsdale, Wisconsin. Wren would look for the neighbors’ dogs & horses that we would always see on our route. We decided that having an annual run/walk, would be the perfect way to honor & remember Wren.

We support Gillette Children’s Hospital, because they don’t just serve St. Paul, they serve our entire region.

Thank you to all of our participants, sponsors & volunteers!